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Associate Prof Raymond C.B. Wong

Principal Investigator


B.BiomedSci, B.Sci (Hons), PhD


+61 (3) 99298480



Centre for Eye Research Australia,

Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital,

Level 7 Smorgan Family Wing,

32 Gisborne St, East Melbourne, VIC 3002, Australia


Associate Professor Raymond Wong is a Principal Investigator at the Centre for Eye Research Australia (CERA), the University of Melbourne and a Guest Professor at Shenzhen Eye Hospital (China).

He is a stem cell biologist with >20 years of research experience, specialising in cellular reprogramming, pluripotent stem cells, CRISPR/Cas and neural/retinal differentiation.

He completed his PhD in stem cell biology at Monash University and was awarded a California Institute of Regenerative Medicine Fellowship to pursue overseas postdoctoral training at the University of California Irvine (USA), and a Visiting Fellow Award to train at the National Institutes of Health (USA).

In 2013, Assoc Prof Wong joined CERA with the support of a Cranborne Foundation Fellowship and subsequently established the Cellular Reprogramming Unit with the support of a MAWA Fellowship and a NHMRC New Investigator Project Grant.

Currently, Assoc Prof Wong’s research focuses on understanding the genetic signals that define retinal cells, and using cell reprogramming and stem cell technologies to study and treat retinal diseases.

Education and Work Experience

2022 - current

2022 - current

2017 - 2022

2016 - current

2013 - 2015

2012 - 2013

2011 - 2012

2007 - 2011

2004 - 2007

2003 - 2004

2000 - 2003

Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Mirugen Pty Ltd

Associate Professor

Department of Surgery, University of Melbourne, Australia

Guest Professor

Shenzhen Eye Hospital, China

Principal Investigator, Unit Head

Centre for Eye Research Australia, 

Department of Surgery, University of Melbourne, Australia

Research Fellow

Centre for Eye Research Australia, 

Department of Ophthalmology, University of Melbourne, Australia

Research Scientist

Elixirgen LLC, USA 

Visiting Fellow

National Institute of Aging, National Institutes of Health, USA

Postdoctoral Scholar

University of California Irvine, USA


Monash University, Australia

Bachelor of Science (Honours)

Monash University, Australia

Bachelor of Biomedical Science

University of Melbourne, Australia

Science Lab











Bonn International Fellowship, University of Bonn, Germany

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Human Cell Atlas Meeting Travel Award

Frontiers of Cellular Neuroscience Travel Award

MAWA fellowship, Australia

ACES-SVHM Bionics Award of Excellence in iPSC Modelling, Australia

Cranbourne Fellowship, Australia

NIH Visiting Fellow Award, USA

California Institute of Regenerative Medicine Post-doctoral Training Fellowship, USA

Student awards:

5x Scholarships: 2006 Australian Stem Cell Centre Postgraduate Research Scholarship; 2004 Faculty Postgraduate Excellence Award, Monash University; 2004 Australian Postgraduate Award, Australia government; 2002 Vacation scholarship, Monash Institute of Medical Research; 2002 Student scholarship, Department of Medicine, Monash University

4x Presentation awards: 2004 Poster Award, 2nd Australian Stem Cell Centre Conference; 2004 & 2006 Oral Presentation Awards (2x), 2005 Team Player Award, Monash Institute of Medical Research

4x Travel Awards: 2004 & 2006 Australian Stem Cell Centre Travel Award (3x), 2006 Monash Postgraduate Travel Award

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